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Most programmers are not just desktop programmers, web programmers or scripting gurus they are often all of the above. Knowing where to find free samples of code online can help you learn and create applications with these working code snippets.

Every developer has a list of their favorite websites where they not only search for free sample code, but they also take part in the developer community that exists at these sites. There are many of these sites to choose from, but here are ten of the best free code sample websites to get you started!

1. Stack Overflow

Stack OverflowThe undisputed champion of websites for code snippets, help, and discussion is Stack Overflow. Regardless of whether you are just starting with your first programming language, maintaining old software in an obscure, forgotten language, or working at the cutting edge of Machine Learning, Stack Overflow will have content for you.

Most posts concentrate on a single issue and adding sample code of your own is expected to show what you have already tried. Most users will reply with example code, explaining how it works, and how to implement it.

2. SourceForge


SourceForge is one of the most significant Open Source communities on the Internet. When you need to review sample code to learn how to do something, this is a great place to search.

From the main page, hover over the Open Source Software tab and select Development The next page will astound you. You’ll discover an entire world of Open Source projects.

You read that right, that’s over 44,000 listings under Software Development. If you find software that sparks your interest you might consider joining the development team and contributing to the project or just view the source code to learn how it works.

3. CodeGuru

CodeGuruCodeGuru is a useful site for developers. It mostly covers just Visual C++/C++, .Net/C# and Visual Basic. While this isn’t a huge selection of programming languages, the site is full of articles that are far more comprehensive than the standard short forum posts that you find at other websites. CodeGuru samples explain how to accomplish specific tasks.

Each article contains visual guides, sample code, and use cases. CodeGuru looks dated but it is still an incredible resource, and the forum is active with topics covering every web and software development topic.

4. CodeProject


CodeProject is a booming developer community who have created a library of free resources. The content producers are programmers who want to provide the best programming articles. Most of these come complete with well-written explanations along with the sample code.

Due to its community aspect, you’re likely to get sucked into the many prize competitions, surveys, articles, message boards, or even the job board. This community is an excellent way to connect with other programmers with common coding interests. Before you know it, you may be tempted to write an article yourself!

5. DevX


No list of developer resources would be complete without a mention of DevX. This site is a massive programmer’s paradise and a huge portal to other huge sites. It covers the most popular programming topics such as Java, C++, Database programming, Visual Basic, Mobile programming and much more.

Running your mouse over the left menu bar, as shown above, will display the sub-communities that exist under the DevX umbrella portal. No matter what you are working on, you are likely to find useful resources here.

6. Planet Source Code

Planet Source CodePlanet Source Code has a vast library of useful sample code. Select your programming language from the navigation bar to begin. On the next page, you’ll see many categories of sample code to choose from. The site covers most of the major languages.

Most of the languages have search filter options and each category has tens or even hundreds of thousands of lines of sample code available.

7. The GNU Free Software Directory

The GNU Free Software DirectoryIf your thing is Open Source, then you can’t miss out on the Free Software Directory that’s linked directly from the GNU home page. This directory is an impressive list of free software.

Categories cover almost every application type you would ever need. Since everything here is Open Source, it is a perfect place to see how complex applications work.

8. Google Open Source

Google Open SourceIf you want to learn how to make software, why not learn from the biggest and best? Google has a variety of projects available on its Open Source portal to contribute to, along with instructions on how to start your own project and share it.

This site goes hand in hand with Google’s Developer Portal which hosts a wealth of essential information for developers of all types.

9. The Top React Open Source Projects

The Top React Open Source ProjectsMore a collection of projects than a single site, this blog post combines the best Open Source resources for React. Many other frameworks concentrate on back end software development and user applications for a specific operating system.

React, however, is the modern face of the internet used extensively in front-end user interfaces. These Open Source projects cover all aspects of learning and using React in a modern development environment. React is worth learning, as alongside its use in the browser you can write Android Apps using React Native.

10. CodePen

CodePenCodePen is on online code snippet playground. Anyone can create graphics and small apps in the browser without any prior setup.

If you are interested in front-end CSS and JavaScript, CodePen is for you. Regular jams, challenges, and showcases bring together everyone from beginners to industry professionals. CodePen is also a great place to learn new skills like how to create motion graphics with JavaScript animation libraries.

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