You Can Now Create Virtual Tours Using Google Earth

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Create Virtual Tours Using Google Earth: Google has added a set of creation tools to Google Earth. These allow you to create virtual tours using Google Earth, letting you tell stories using the power of Google’s satellite imagery. You can then share these stories with other people.

Create Virtual Tours Using Google Earth Creation Tools

In 2017, Google launched a new version of Google Earth. This update introduced Voyager, which is used to showcase interactive guided tours. Create Virtual Tours, Storytellers were invited to create these tours, and Voyager is now packed to the brim with stories from around the world.

How to Use Google Earth’s Creation Tools

Now, Google is opening up its creation tools to everyone. As explained in a post on The Keyword, you can “draw your own placemarks, lines, and shapes, then attach your own custom text, images, and videos to these locations.”

You can also “organize your story into a narrative and collaborate with others.” And “when you’ve finished your story, you can share it with others.” You can also let your audience “fly from place to place in your custom-made Google Earth narrative.”

The Creation tools are available on Google Earth on the web. Just open Google Earth in your browser, then click Projects in the left-hand sidebar. You can then choose either New Project or Open from Drive. You can also choose to watch the tutorial.

Once you have used Google Earth on the web to create your virtual tour, you can view them on your mobile devices using the Android and iOS apps. You can share your stories with other people, as well as invite others to collaborate or co-author stories with you.

Download: Google Earth on Android | iOS

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